Mequon Nature Preserve

Keiding, Inc. recently teamed up with the Mequon Nature Preserve (MNP) to proudly sponsor their Winter Frolic event.


The MNP specializes in habitat restoration, outdoor education, research/monitoring, agricultural heritage, and hosting recreational community functions. With Keiding and the MNP’s shared commitment to community service and environmental sustainability, the two local organizations realized a perfect opportunity to help each other build toward a brighter, more sustainable future.


The Winter Frolic features family-friendly winter games and has been a staple of the Mequon community for close to 20 years. Despite melting quickly melting snow, the MNP orchestrated a flawless event with last-minute adjustments: The sleigh ride was replaced with a wagon and ice fishing was substituted with rubber duck catching — much to the delight of attendees. Over a dozen Keiding employees, consultants, and their families participated.


To continue promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly operations, Keiding plans to sponsor additional events throughout the year and help organize volunteer outings for land restoration projects. This collaboration will foster a sense of community and teamwork among Keiding and MNP employees in hopes of making a meaningful impact on the local environment and community for years to come.