Molded pulp is a highly customizable packaging solution for pressure washers, power tools, gardening equipment or other household items.

Molded pulp is an innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable packaging solution. With a variety of applications and uses, molded pulp packaging has a strong foothold in the consumer products industry. By providing the necessary cushioning, strength, and durability, molded pulp packaging can be used for products of varying sizes, shapes, and weights. From household items to electronics, molded pulp has been used for over 100 years to protect even the most delicate or breakable of items (ie. eggs).

Most commonly here at Keiding, our molded pulp provides a great alternative recyclable packaging solution for larger consumer products such as pressure washers, power tools, gardening equipment or other household items. Due to the ability of molded pulp products to be stackable and customized to a customers’ needs, this has led to manufacturing efficiencies and cost-savings. They require less space and can be easier to handle, making molded pulp products the ideal packaging solution for consumer products.

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