Whether it be a pump, motor, gear box, actuator, etc. our molded pulp has outstanding protective capabilities using ISTA testing requirements.

Molded pulp is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and innovative solution to your product protection and packaging needs. Making the smart choice to use molded pulp packaging not only benefits the environment, but your business will reap the rewards of financial savings. The lightweight and stackable material allows you to save space, time, and costs associated with manufacturing, storing, and shipping your products, but still provides the necessary protection for your products as they move through your logistics network.

Here at Keiding, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom molded pulp packaging for use with various industrial products. Whether for a pump, motor, gear box, actuator, or other industrial product, we have the molded pulp packaging to match your particular purposes. With the need for cost-effective but innovative packaging design to reduce environmental impact, we are certain that molded pulp can be adapted to your needs.

If you need to find a new packaging solution for your industrial products, contact us to help you design and develop the molded pulp packaging that will work for you and your industrial products.
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We Think INSIDE the Box

Is your product over 10 pounds per individual piece?
Are you looking for support, blocking or bracing package applications?

If so, our Type 1 heavy-wall molded pulp may be the perfect solution you’re searching for. Complete the short form and a packaging specialist will review your product!

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