We can quickly manufacture unique molded pulp parts for commercial applications, medical devices, and more using 3D Printing Technology.


Depending on the needs for your business, we can quickly manufacture custom molded pulp parts or packaging for a variety of different uses and industries. With our capabilities to create custom products, we know that we can provide the solution you need to package, store, and ship your products in a more cost-effective and sustainable way. We utilize state of the art 3D printing technology to create custom products for use in a variety of commercial applications, medical devices, and more.

The versatility of the molded pulp product in conjunction with the creativity of our team allows us to provide solutions across a number of industries, packaging and protecting a wide variety of products. We are only limited by our creativity, but we are committed to finding solutions that will be beneficial to our customers, and push us toward our goal of a brighter, more sustainable future.

Let us help you design and develop the appropriate molded pulp packaging solution or product to meet your particular design and functional needs.

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We Think INSIDE the Box

Is your product over 10 pounds per individual piece?
Are you looking for support, blocking or bracing package applications?

If so, our Type 1 heavy-wall molded pulp may be the perfect solution you’re searching for. Complete the short form and a packaging specialist will review your product!

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