Molded Fiber Roll Cradles

Cylindrical roll packaging for demanding applications

Here at Keiding, we specialize in designing and manufacturing molded fiber roll cradles customized to your application and requirements. Our lightweight, stackable and environmentally friendly material saves space, time, and costs associated with manufacturing, storing, and shipping your products - all while providing excellent protection for your cylindrical cargo.


Using cost saving, state-of-the art technology, Keiding provides complete services in designing and manufacturing environmentally sustainable roll cradle packaging for cylindrical items packed in sets or bulk.

We Think INSIDE The Box

Strong & Durable

You can count on our custom-molded roll cradles to provide total product protection in warehousing and shipping from lightweight to heavy uses.


Tooling is constructed in-house utilizing 3D printing technology to ensure accuracy and quality.

Innovative Design

The nesting capabilities of our roll cradles allow you to save warehouse space, and their lightweight material saves you on shipping costs.


Don’t settle for thermoformed and foam options that may have a negative environmental impact; our products are always made from 100% recycled materials.

Make the switch to Renewable Molded Fiber!